Simplecoin helps you to get started easily with mining crypto:
Turn on your computer, start mining with the Simplecoin crypto miner and earn hashes for cryptocurrency payouts. ⛏
Simplecoin features a clean UI, a simple, yet fast, desktop and web miner, and payouts every 6 hours.

Simplecoin is a project that offers a JavaScript miner, which lets users mine hashes via their browser. The users can then withdraw the mined coins using one of the many supported cryptos in the platform. The platform also offers support for GPU and CPU mining directly.

How Does Simplecoin Work?
Since Simplecoin miner is browser-based, some of the Adblockers will block the JavaScript miner it uses. If you wish to use this miner, you will have to disable the antivirus and Adblockers from blocking its activities, and then refresh the page. Besides that, you can mine directly using your GPU and CPU. Once you sign up, you can check the dashboard on how to utilize your GPU and CPU to mine hashes.

How to Withdraw SimplecoIn Hashes?
The process is quite simple. You need to visit SimplecoIn withdrawal page where you fill in the number of hashes you wish to withdraw. You will then enter your payout address and then press the payout button next to the coin that you wish to withdraw the hashes to. This is a simple and straightforward process, which takes seconds.

For now, they only support CLAM, Dogecoin, PIVX, Hempcoin (THC), and Tittiecoin (TTC). However, there are plans to continue adding more coins. This is a major improvement since when they started; at the time, they only supported the CLAM.

Why Do SimplecoIn Payouts Change So Often?
SimplecoIn Payouts change due to the constant flux in the crypto sector. The payout rates are calculated automatically according to the current price of the coin. Otherwise, the platform would operate at a loss. - Crypto mining made simple! - Crypto mining made simple!

Simplecoin makes it easy to start mining different cryptocurrencies for anyone with a computer.
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BsaiCoin Airdrop Event
Every winner can claim free (5%*amounts of final prize pool) BSC.

The 20 lucky winners will be picked randomly when this event ends.
The result will be published on 2019/07/24. And the BSC prize will be sent to winner's ETH address directly.

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