1-Terms and conditions.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of any of the services, products and/or websites of (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) and the services listed here. By giving you the ability to subscribe, use and/or order, the company presents you the following contract. You agree to these terms by creating a customer account, using the services or continuing to use the services after a change was done and communicated to you. As the company does not save a copy for you, you should read, print, and keep a copy of those terms in your records.

2- Privacy Policy.

Your privacy is very important to us. Please read the privacy policy that describes what types of information we collect about you and your devices, and how we use your information. The privacy policy stipulates also how the company uses your content, namely your posts or the feedback that you give to the company through the services, and the files, photos, documents, audio, digital works and videos, as well as comments you upload, save or share through the services.

3-Code of conduct

Legally correct behavior by users of the company’s services is necessary, for which there are rules to which the company is committed.

Content and actions that violate these rules are not permitted. By registering for one of the company’s services, you agree to abide by these rules:

* Do not take any illegal actions.
* Activities that abuse, harm or threaten children are prohibited.
* It is prohibited to publish or use inappropriate content or material that violates the rights of others.
* Any acts that harm you, the service or others (such as harassing others to spread terrorist content, hate speech, or calling for violence or discrimination against others) are prohibited.
* Do not violate any other rights, such as unauthorized sharing of copyrighted content.
* Actions that violate the privacy of others are prohibited.

We reserve the right to block your content from being found through our services if you violate the rules allowed for the use of the service.
We also reserve the right to remove you from the service if we become aware that you may be in violation of applicable law or these terms.
As part of auditing suspected violations of these terms, the company reserves the right to review content, but we never monitor at any time the use of the services.
Use some of the services require a user account to be used. With this registered account you can login to the website and services.
You can register your user account online. By doing this, you declare that you will not provide false, inaccurate or misleading information for the creation of this account.
Should you create a user account for a legal entity (i.e. your own company or your employer), make sure that you have the due legal authorization from this entity to perform the registration on its behalf.
Your user account cannot be transferred to another user or another legal entity. You are solely responsible for the safety of the account data and for the login information to it. You will be held responsible for all the actions related to your user account.
With the registration of your account, you declare that you have the legal age to do this, or that you have the consent of your parents or legal guardians.
You can close your account at any time without having to give a reason. With this action, the rights to access some services will no longer be available to you. We will keep the account on hold for you for 30 days. During this interval, you can at anytime reactivate it. After the 30 days are through, you can access these services only if you create a new account.

Closing your account has several consequences:

* You lose the right to use these services.
* All the data related to your user account is deleted from the company’s data bank.
* All the content you have uploaded through the services remain intact and always accessible.

In order to use our services, having an internet connection and/or a mobile data plan is required. You may need to acquire additional equipment, such as a headset, a camera and/or a microphone. You are responsible for acquiring and/or maintaining these internet connections, monthly fees, contracts and equipment. Any fees or expenses required to do so are your responsibility and are in addition to the use of the services. We will not refund these fees. Check with your respective provider whether and in what amount you will be charged.We are legally obliged to keep you informed of important news and changes to the services, and we will send you notifications and information to the e-mail address associated with your user account.

4- Content

Through our services you can save, send or receive content. We do not receive ownership for your content. Your content remains yours at any time and you are solely responsible for it.
When you upload, post or share your content through our services, you specifically agree that any person having access to them can use, store, save, reproduce, transmit, display and share your content for free under the terms of this copyright agreement.
You guarantee that all content that you have uploaded or shared in or through the services will be licensed for the duration of this agreement and that you have and will have all necessary rights for this content.
If you do not want other users to have that option, make sure to set your privacy settings accordingly and keep the links to this content hidden.
You guarantee that for the duration of this agreement the collection, the use and the retention of all content uploaded or shared by you in or through the services does not violate any law or the rights of others.
The company cannot be held responsible for your content or the materials that others upload, save or send through its services.
To the extent necessary, you grant the company a worldwide, royalty-free, intellectual property license to use your content as follows:

* To improve the company’s services.
* Change of the size, form or format of your content in order to facilitate optimal saving or viewing.
* To share or display the content.

As long as you publicly or unconditionally have made your content available online through a service, your content may appear in demos or materials for promoting the company’s services.

5-Service availability.

Services offered by the company may not be available from time to time, may be offered for a limited time only, or may vary by region or device. For all the company’s services, we strive to keep the service up and running at all times; however, as with all online services, occasional interruptions and downtime cannot be avoided. In case of downtime or an interruption of services, you may temporarily be unable to retrieve or access your content.
For services that are accessed via third-party services or apps, the company is not responsible and can not influence their availability.

6-Use of services and third-party apps.

The company’s services provide the ability to access, locate or purchase products, services, websites, links, content, materials, games or applications from third parties (any natural or legal persons not part of the company).
Third-party apps and services may allow you to save your content or data to the publisher, vendor or operator of third party apps and services. Third-party apps and services may be provided with separate privacy policies or require the acceptance of additional terms of service before you install or use third-party apps or services.
The company is not responsible for these third-party services and apps. These terms are unaffected by any additional third-party terms.
You agree to bear all risks and liabilities arising out of your use of these third-party apps and services, and the company is not responsible for any problems arising from your use of those third-party apps and services. The company is not responsible for the information provided by third-parties.
Changes to the agreement: If the company intends to change these terms, you will receive the due information at the e-mail address associated with your user account before the changes take effect. By continuing to use the services after the change has come into effect, you agree to these changes. If you do not agree to the changes, you will need to close your user account.
We are entitled to change these terms:

* As far as this is necessary due to applicable international or national law.
* If required by advice and/or instruction based on applicable law.
* If required for the further development of the company’s services or for technical reasons.
* For operational requirements resulting from the company’s services.
* For any modification of the terms which is beneficial for the users of the company’s services.

7-Software License.

Unless a specific company license agreement applies, the software that we provide to you as part of the services is subject to these terms.
If you abide by these terms, we grant you the right to install and use a copy of the software on any of your devices worldwide for your use of the company’s services. Any software or website that is part of the services may contain third-party code. If third-party codes are included, they will be licensed to you by the third parties that own the code, not by the company. All references to third-party code, if any, are for your information only.
Any software from the company is licensed and not sold. All rights to the software not specifically granted herein are reserved by the company.
You do not have the right to do the following with this license, except as permitted by applicable law:

* Circumvent the technological protective measures in connection with the software and/or the services.
* Except as far as open source components are concerned, you may not disassemble, decompile, decrypt, hack, emulate, exploit, or reverse engineer any parts of the software except as specifically permitted by applicable copyright laws.
* The use of the services in any unauthorized manner.


The software is automatically authorized to run automated checkings of the installed software versions. To the extent necessary to provide, expand or further develop the services, a software update or a configuration change takes place free of urheberrechtlichencharge for the user.
The user may be required to update the software in order to continue using the services.
The company is not obliged to provide updates upon operating system changes or updates, and does not guarantee support for the upgraded version of the operating system for which you have licensed the software.
There are ongoing efforts to improve, expand or extend the services. The company may change its services, remove features, or modify or prohibit the access to third-party apps and services at any time. The company will notify you in advance if a change to the services will result in you losing access to your content. In the case of paid services, the company will notify you in advance about important changes to the services. The company is under no obligation to provide or exchange previously purchased materials, digital goods or applications for re-download, except to the extent that applicable law provides. The company will refund you back the amount you have paid for a service for the period you could not use it if the company canceled a paid service.


The company is not responsible for content including links to third-party websites and activities provided by users. Both this content and the activities are neither attributable to the company nor do they reflect the opinion of the company.
Exclusion of liability for essential obligations under the contract is the responsibility of the company.
Neither the company nor its indirect agents and/or legal representatives are liable for any indirect damages, including financial losses such as lost profits.
The company shall not be responsible or liable for the non-performance or delay of its obligations under these provisions if such non-performance or delay is due to circumstances beyond the company’s reasonable control (e.g. labor disputes, force majeure, war, terrorist acts, malicious damage, accidents or compliance with applicable law or an official order). The company makes every effort to minimize the impact of such events and to meet its unaffected obligations.

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